Creating Your Account
Prior to submitting data, you must either create an upload account or verify your existing account information. If you have already created your account, proceed to the appropriate section of this document that outlines the steps you must follow to upload your data.
Note: Multiple pharmacies can be uploaded in the same file. For example, chain pharmacies may send in one file containing controlled substance dispensing information for all of their pharmacies licensed in the State of Alaska. Therefore, chains with multiple stores only have to set up one account to upload a file.
Perform the following steps to create an account:
1     Open an Internet browser window and type the following URL in the address bar:
2     Click Dispenser.
3     Click RxSentry Data Upload. A window similar to the following is displayed:
4     Type newacct in the User Name field.
Note: Existing users must also enter newacct in the User Name field. Do not use your current user name; you will be prompted to enter it in a subsequent step.
5     Type welcome in the Password field, and then click OK.
Note: Existing users must also enter welcome in the Password field. Do not use current password.


Each time a controlled substance is dispensed to an individual, the controlled substance shall be reported to the AK PDMP, using a format approved by the Alaska Board of Pharmacy (Board), once per month but no later than the fifth (5th) day of the following month. All dispensers of controlled substances must meet the reporting requirements set forth by Alaska law in a secure methodology and format. Such approved formats may include secure FTP over SSH, FTP of a PGP-encrypted file, SSL website, or online universal claim form (UCF).

Note:  A "dispenser" is identified as a pharmacy, a dispensing pharmacist, or a dispensing health care practitioner who directly dispenses a schedule II-V controlled substance to a patient.

All dispensers of Schedules II-V controlled substance prescriptions are required to collect and report their prescribing information.  If you are a chain pharmacy, your data will likely be submitted from your home office. Please verify this with your home office. If you are an independent pharmacy or other entity, please forward the reporting requirements to your software vendor. They will need to create the data file, and they may be able to submit the data on your behalf. If not, follow the instructions provided in the Data Submission chapter in the "Dispenser's Implementation Guide" to submit the data.

Note: Additions or deletions of other drugs specified by Alaska law may happen periodically. These changes must go through the regulatory process in order to be added or deleted. You will be notified of any changes that are made in the future.

For detailed information on each of the fields required by the State of Alaska and the fields required by the American Society for Automation in Pharmacy (ASAP), please see Appendix A: ASAP 4.1 Specifications in the "Dispenser's Implementation Guide."


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